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The Metalback concept exists at the junction of substance and sustainability meeting speed and style. Currently, the Motorcycle market is devoid of product which has been designed for sustainability while still offering style and uniqueness for the enthusiast.

The concept is powered by a v4 engine running on bio diesel. This increases the range and MPG well above conventional gasoline bikes while running on a fuel which is more environmentally-friendly. Its frame and skin are crafted from recycled aluminum. This has the advantage of saving weight to enhance performance while reclaiming pre-used material. In the manufacturing process, the alloy is treated to patina and age naturally without expensive and harmful paint applications. The net effect is a raw natural surface which suits the classic cafe racer and recalls the romance and power of vintage WW2 fighter planes.



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Alter ego and Mr. Hyde to the Desmo-1199, Grezzo represents the evolution of the Street fighter line. At the concepts core, the signature trellis frame has been updated to an intelligent carbon fiber molding which unifies the key elements of the bike. Bucking the mainstream trend of more is more; Grezzo relies solely on a striking stance, powerful proportion and a memorable face to let you know it’s the two wheeled equivalent of Tony Montana. The result is a raw canvass allowing the rider to express their individual baditude.

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Desmo-1199 represents the evolution of the Superbike line. Now in its third generation Ducati’s iconic sport-bike is primed to make a quantum leap in style and technology. Taking a cue directly from the brands Moto-GP effort, this proposal updates the signature trellis frame to an intelligent carbon fiber molding which unifies the key elements of the bike. The single sided swing arm has also been lightened, strengthened, and redesigned in high performance carbon fiber. The front end has been recomposed more similar to a formula 1 nose, channeling airflow efficiently through the bike to the required areas and around the rider. While the tail section with its twin high mounted exhaust is in keeping with tradition. Finally; the silhouette and fairing sculpture convey a sense of speed, precision, and harmony between rider and machine.

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